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We Are Currently Taking Applicants For Our Future Litters!
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Are you ready to welcome a new member into your family? We will be happy to connect with you when our litters arrive.

Golden Valley Kennels has only two litters of puppies per year, and you can sign up for our waiting list year-round. We strongly believe in quality over quantity and our puppies will only go to approved homes.

We Are Currently Taking Applicants For Our Summer and Fall 2023 litters. We do not have litters during winter months.

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Future Litters

Our Application Process

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Send us your full name, email address, & phone number.

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Answer our questions to be placed on our waiting list.

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Get your puppy home and enjoy!

Once our litter is born, we will go down the waiting list in order and begin our application process.

Our application process

What Questions Will You Answer During Your Application Process:

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Tell us about your family, your lifestyle and how a pup would fit within it?

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Would your dog be housed outdoors or indoors?

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Do you rent or own, and if you rent, does your landlord allow dogs?

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Do you have children, and what ages are they?

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What will you do with the dog in the unfortunate situation that you can't keep them any longer?

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Do you have a fenced-in backyard?

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What are your plans for your dog when you go on holiday?

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Does your household have other pets?

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Future Litters

Things You Might Like To Know

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Why Do We Ask These Questions?

At Golden Valley Kennels, we believe that dogs are an important part of our families. Our application questions help us place our puppies in good homes where they'll be loved and well cared for.

Deposit To Secure Your Puppy

After our puppies have passed their first health check at one week old, we start going down the waitlist and ask for a $500 deposit to secure your puppy. It will be a first-come system, so the first person to place a deposit will get the first pick of the litter, and so on. The deposit is to hold the puppy for you and is non-refundable.

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How Much Is A Puppy?

Our puppies are $2500. This fee includes a full veterinary exam (Creston Animal Hospital), their first shots, microchipping, two dewormers, a puppy pack including collar, toy, treats, puppy food by Acana Puppy, and lifelong breeder support from Golden Valley Kennels. Your puppy will also come home with a one year genetic health guarantee and a 30 day trial of Tru Panion Pet insurance.

We're here to help you answer any questions and offer support to our future puppy owners.

When Will The Puppies Be Ready?

Our puppies will be available for pick up after eight weeks. Our pups will receive their first vaccination just after they turn 8 weeks old and typically go home closer to 9 weeks. Any extra time spent with their mom will be beneficial later in life. We are always happy to keep puppies with our family longer to accommodate all schedules should you not be ready to pick up your family member until a later time.

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How Does Pick Up/Delivery Work?

We welcome all our future puppy owners to come to visit us at our property, and you are more than welcome to come pick up your furry baby at our home; However, if you are not able to do so, we offer delivery across British Columbia and Alberta at an additional fee.

We can also fly puppies to other parts of Canada and to the USA through WestJet. However, the cost of travel would be your responsibility.

What If I Can't Keep My Puppy?

In the unfortunate scenario that any of our puppy owners cannot keep theirs, we will accept returns with no questions asked. However, there will be no refund granted. Our top priority is to make sure all of our dogs are placed in loving homes where they are wanted, so we are more than happy to take back puppies if you find that you cannot care for them.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have further questions about our litters or process, see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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