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We loved adding four-legged love into the homes and we love it even more when those families share their experience with their newest family member. Here you can read what some of them have to say 

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Poppy - Goldador, Daisy & Milo 2021

We decided 6 months after our dog passed, that we were ready to add another dog to our family and discovered Henriette & Golden Valley Kennels and couldn’t have been more pleased with the process! We welcomed Poppy, who is a female from Daisy’s first litter, into our home and she is a beautiful, loving, loyal & smart girl. Henriette provided constant updates, photos & videos, and even before she was with us she was loved and a part of our family. It brought such comfort to us to see the environment she was being raised in as well as the love she was given from their family.

Since she has joined our family we constantly get comments from people about how cute and friendly she is. When we took her to her first vet check up she was given a clean bill of health, and the vet even commented he could tell she came from a good breeder. We still communicate with the litter group for updates and have play dates with her brother’s here in Calgary. It has become a great group to connect with and a resource for support. We would, and do, highly recommend Golden Valley Kennels to anyone looking to add a beautiful Golden to their family. Thank you Henriette and Golden Valley Kennels!!

The Hannah Family - Calgary, AB ● One year and couldn’t imagine our lives without her 💕thank you

Blu - Goldador, Daisy & Milo 2021

Henriette is an individual that holds true passion in her heart for what she does. My partner and I just happened to come across her puppy ad and we are so glad we did. It was all perfect timing to say the least. Henriette gave us such a positive experience as a breeder and we hope to bring another addition to our family through her in the future. She gave us daily updates (including videos and pictures) from the day the puppies were born until the day we got our puppy, Blu. She also would do video calls with all the potential owners every Saturday or Sunday for them to ask questions, see the puppies, and for the group to get to know each other and stay in touch as we all embarked on the adventure of raising a puppy. We are actually still in touch with two of the litter owners and meet up every now and then for play dates.

We were also fortunate enough to visit her location in Creston, BC and we can confidently share that she keeps her puppies and the mother in a clean, warm and loving environment. Her husband also shared with us the day we got our Blu that she would sing to the puppies everynight (again, this is a person that truly loves what she does). There is nothing more reassuring than having a breeder that communicates consistency with their potential owners and letting us know that they are in good, loving care.

Henriette is not only a wonderful and caring breeder but she is also a wholesome and down to earth person. Anyone to have her as their breeder is considered very lucky. I wouldn't recommend anyone better and I hope that her future litters find their forever home, like our little Blu did. He is our everything. " We are always thinking of you, Henriette. You gave us our Blu who made our home whole, and he is doing so well! 🙂

take care,

Maddie and Kyle

Finnigan - Goldador, Daisy & Milo 2021

Deciding to go with Golden Valley Kennels to adopt our bouncing ball of cuddles was by far the best choice me and my family have made. Throughout the period of waiting for our pup to be old enough to safely come into our home we would receive photos, videos, and updates on how the pups were and how much they grew! By far our experience with Golden Valley Kennels deserves five stars.

~Elle Wendels

Maisy - Goldador, Daisy & Milo 2021

To whom it may concern,

This recommendation letter is confirming the kindness and professionalism we received by Henriette Schattling of Golden Valley Kennels. From the first contact with Henriette, we had confidence that we had made the best choice of breeders for the adoption of our puppy Maisy. Henriette completed an initial private interview with us, which toured her home and outer area where the parents Daisy and Milo both lived. She toured us via video in the care area for Daisy and the puppies.

Henriette asked if we would prefer private weekly video updates or group updates. We all chose the group; however, Henriette was always available and willing to do a private update if asked.

The parents and puppies are healthy, happy, well treated, and well adjusted. From beginning to end the information and connection Henriette was able to transfer to all the adoptive families was tremendous, accurate and comforting.

We love our Maisy; she is our shining light each day. We recommend Henriette Schattling and the Golden Valley Kennels without hesitation to be an honest, kind, ethical breeder.


Allison McCarrick

Tucker - Goldador, Daisy & Milo 2021

Our experience was seamless, we were constantly in the loop and up to date since the day the pups were born.

We were fortunate to join weekly FaceTime calls to see the pups grow. There wasn’t a day pictures or updates weren’t sent.

Henriette was an absolute treasure, her kind and nurturing personality made waiting the 8 weeks worth it. Tucker is kind, socialized and exceptionally “chill” and as our local vet says “the healthiest golden” he’s seen. We regularly meet up with other pups from the litter through the relationships Henriette encouraged

If you’re looking for a breeder who cares, you’ve found it here

Expect nothing but organized & a loving family to raise the pups until that 8 week mark when you are united with your forever buddy.

- Daniel, Carley & our fur buddy Tucker.

Nala - Golden Retriever, Daisy & Ben 2022

Hi Henriette! We've finally settled on a new name for pinky - Nala from the lion King. Our good friends are naming their baby Maisy (due in Jan) so we had a few weeks of rethinking a suitable name!

I wanted to send a note to say how much we love our little Nala and how quickly she became a loving, fun part of our family. She is SUCH a good girl with a beautiful temperament. She's beyond what Dan and I both imagined and is a fantastic fit for us and Odi. Her and Odi are now buds and playmates. Odi is so gentle with her and they've figured out their play style, despite the size difference.

She's very smart, happy, and calm. We brought her to a family dinner last night and she was no trouble at all! Everyone wanted to take her home.

Thank you for all the care and efforts you put into your breeding program and puppies. Nala is just a delight and we couldn't be happier with our choice of puppies 💕.

- Deneige and Dan, Abbotsford BC

Kala - Goldendoodle, Mila and Ben 2022

Hi Henriette,

I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for letting us adopt Kala. We love her very much ❤️ We just treasure her. She’s going through her mischievous stage so that can be trying but she’s loving and sweet. I have told so many people how lovely you are and how loving you are to the puppies

Opie - Golden Retriever, Daisy and Ben 2022

Opie (dark blue boy) has been going to daycare, and has overall been the most amazing dog. He’s great with all my friends, the cat, other dogs! Thank you so much for all that you do for the pups

Benny - Golden Retriever, Annie and Ben 2022

Everyone loves Benny, too. I never taught him this, but when he sees people approaching with their dogs, he sits patiently to watch them either walk by or most often to come over and then he greets them affectionately when they arrive.

He loves to chew on sticks and branches so I keep an extra close eye on him outside especially when we are not in active motion. He is a lot of fun and a great companion.

Pepita - Golden Retriever, Daisy and Ben 2022

Grace - Golden Retriever, Daisy and Ben 2022

Thank you so much Henriette, the whole experience for me personally was absolutely phenomenal. You have been amazing and wonderful to deal with and our little bundle of joy is absolutely perfect!!

She has settled in better than expected and her energy level is exactly what I was looking for. I am so so happy with how it worked out, thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️❤️🙏 She has been the absolute best puppy, we had the perfect first night. She made it clear when she needed to go outside to poo and pee and crate training was a breeze. Honestly, it could have not gone any better. Even the drive home she was calm, happy and relaxed. Honestly she has an amazing energy and she's so well tempered. I couldn't have asked for a better companion.

- Jonathan Receno

Rylee - Golden Retriever, Annie and Ben 2022

Rylee - active energetic young lady. Being the second biggest dog in the litter she still has big paws and long legs to grow into. Great temperament and well socialized. But spends a great deal of time with the cats head in her mouth 🙂

Tommy - Golden Retriever, Annie and Ben 2022

Here's Tommy today (Feb 17th). Still orange! Sometimes a rascal but always affectionate and quite calm for 5.5+ mos.

Desmond and Maya - Golden Retrievers, Annie and Ben 2022

Piper - Golden Retriever, Daisy and Ben 2022

Twinkle - Golden Retriever, Daisy and Ben 2022