About Us

What do you think of when you think of home?

For us, home is a little paradise nestled in the Creston Valley, British Columbia, with our family of four and our small crew of loyal, loving Golden Retrievers. 

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Golden Valley Kennels


Our Kennel Philosophy

Our kennel's philosophy has always been centred around raising well-adjusted, well socialized, happy and healthy puppies. Our dogs are part of our family and are treated with the utmost admiration and love. At Golden Valley Kennels, we genuinely believe in dogs being a family's companion through all the good times and bad.

They're part of our family, and we strongly believe in treating them that way! If you are considering to bring a Golden Retriever into your home, we would love to hear from you.

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About Us

A Lifelong Love Of Dogs


I knew when I was 7 years young that I would be sharing my life with a Golden Retriever when I was all grown up with my own house and my own children. My love for animals was passed down to me from my wonderful grandmother who is one of the most caring and selfless women I have ever known. Growing up in Germany, we could unfortunately never keep a dog in our apartment, so when I did start my own family in Canada, having a dog as part of it was essential.


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Why Did We Start Golden Valley Kennels?

When I was living in Germany, my childhood was full of dreams of moving to British Columbia and exploring the vast wilderness together wih my best Golden friend. The dream of living in a tiny wood cabin by the ocean started from watching the Free Willy movie and falling in love with Orcas and Vancouver Island. Not quite island living but not any less mezmerizing, our family now greatly appreciates living in the valley of beautiful Creston instead. Breeding Golden Retrievers has been my aspiration since I was 7 years old. Over the past years, I have conducted extensive research into ethical breeding practices through helpful organizations such as the Canadian Kennel Club.

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Our First Golden Retriever

We welcomed our first true Golden Retriever pup in 2019. Since then, Daisy and I have been inseparable, and she's indisputably the best sidekick for our daily adventures. Once Daisy joined our family, we started our breeding program and greeted Daisy's first litter in the summer of 2021.

Being able to actively take part in pregnancy, whelping and puppy care has brought so much joy but also tremendous amounts of knowledge to myself and to my family. With careful breeding selection and health testing, we strive to bring back healthy and sound generations of Golden Retrievers.

Healthy Golden Retrievers

Our puppies are in very close contact with our entire family for the first eight weeks of their lives. The dog's health and wellness are our absolute first priority.

Our two girls will only have one litter every year at most. Because our dogs are intimately part of our family, we make sure to take care of them, retiring them as soon as we notice any signs of stress or weakness. Our retired dogs will be spayed and will continue to live among our family. From time to time we will home a retired girl or boys with very select homes.

Our dogs are Embark DNA screened for hereditary diseases that are sometimes found within their breed. Our dogs are also examined for hip and elbow dysplasia at our local veterinary office. Due to our thourough health checks, we are comfortable offering a 1-year genetic health guarantee for all of our puppies.

Healthy golden retrievers at golden valley kennels.
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Free Run On A Beautiful Property

Our dogs get to run and play on our acreage. They can have their fun outside but truly prefer to curl up by our feet or watch a movie with us on the couch. None of our dogs are ever housed in cages and we do not believe in housing them within commercial kennels. Our dogs enjoy walks through the Wildlife Reserve in West Creston, and water play in Goat River right here in town! We welcome you to visit our beautiful home to meet your new puppy and our adult dogs if you're in the area.

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Offering Delivery In B.C. & Alberta

Finding the perfect addition to your family can be difficult. That's why we don't want distance to hinder you and be the deciding factor toward bringing a beautiful Golden Retriever home. With every litter, we offer deliveries across British Columbia and Alberta for an additional fee, and in some cases, we can arrange to fly puppies out across Canada or to the United States.


Meet Our Furry Friends